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Since its founding in 1909, the International Claim Association (ICA) has been at the forefront of addressing a broad range of life, health and disability claim issues, including those relevant in the day-to-day operation of claim departments. The ICA provides a forum for information exchange and a program of education tailored to the needs of its member life and health insurance companies, reinsurers, managed care companies, TPAs, and Blue Cross and Blue Shield organizations worldwide.

ICA Services

Through a variety of research, training, education and communications programs, the ICA continues to keep its members informed and in the forefront of the insurance claims industry. This diverse array of services includes publications such as the Law Committee Reports, the Annual Directory, and ICA News, the Association's quarterly newsletter. The ICA Annual Education Conference also provides a "Hands-on" opportunity to participate in technical workshops and seminars, and for learning industry best practices for processing claims.

In addition, more than 15 committees, involving numerous volunteer claim professionals from member companies, function in a wide range of association responsibilities. These include planning and execution of all aspects of each Annual Education Conference.

One of the more visible benefits offered by the ICA is its Claims Education Program. Insurance companies and organizations have come to realize that well educated claim professionals are best able to represent their industry's interests and serve the customer in the most efficient, cost-effective manner.


Meeting Schedule:


Annual Education Conference
September 27 - 30
The Mirage Hotel
3400 Las Vegas Blvd, South
Las Vegas, NV

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  You may be contacted by one or more companies offering you hotel rooms for the ICA Education Conference in Las Vegas.  Please be advised that these companies are NOT affiliated in any manner with ICA or the Mirage Hotel and are not authorized to represent that they are connected with our conferenceAll reservations must be made directly with the Mirage Hotel. 



Annual Education Conference

October 16 - 19

JW Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes

Orlando, FL


Annual Education Conference

September 17 - 20

Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina

San Diego, CA


Law Enforcement Only

The International Claim Association has long been a supporter of law enforcement efforts. Our Association offers to the law enforcement community a service whereby any law enforcement officer can request a canvass of our member companies to determine if there is a life insurance policy on a particular individual. These searches have in the past provided useful information in determining if a life insurance policy may be the motive for the death or disappearance of an individual. Learn More>

ICA's tradition of providing beneficial service to the industry has been guided by a well-established set of goals. The purpose of the ICA is to:

  • Promote efficiency, effectiveness and high standards of performance in claim administration by member companies
  • Provide a forum for research, education and the exchange of ideas relating to various aspects of claim administration
  • Devise and effect measures for the benefit of policyholders and beneficiaries in matters relating to claims

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Statement of Principles

As a condition of ICA membership, every company must agree to adhere to this Statement of Principles:

The International Claim Association, in recognition of the need to continue public trust and confidence in the insurance industry, reaffirms the following principles:

  1. Any individual who has, or believes he has, a claim is entitled to courteous, fair and just treatment; and shall receive with reasonable promptness an acknowledgment of any communications with respect to his claim.
  2. Every claimant is entitled to prompt investigation of all facts, an objective evaluation and the fair and equitable settlement of his claim as soon as liability has become reasonably clear.
  3. Claimants are to be treated equally and without considerations other than those dictated by the provisions of their contracts.
  4. Claimants shall not be compelled to institute unnecessary litigation in order to recover amounts due, nor shall the failure to settle a claim under one policy or one portion of a policy be used to influence settlement under another policy or portion of a policy.
  5. Recognizing the obligation to pay promptly all just claims, there is an equal obligation to protect the insurance-buying public from increased costs due to fraudulent or nonmeritorious claims.
  6. Procedures and practices shall be established to prevent misrepresentation of pertinent facts or policy provisions, to avoid unfair advantage by reason of superior knowledge, and to maintain accurate insurance claim records as privileged and confidential.
  7. Reasonable standards shall be implemented to provide for adequate personnel, systems and procedures to effectively service claims. These standards shall be such as to eliminate unnecessary delays or requirements, overinsistence on technicalities, and excessive appraisals or examinations. Claim personnel shall be encouraged and assisted in further developing their knowledge, expertise, and professionalism in the field of claim administration.

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