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Important Notice Effective July 1, 2014:

ICA Course Fees: $225 Members, $450 Non-Members


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  1. With a credit card online here
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ICA Education Program Overview
Introductory Courses
Preparing for Examinations
Completion of Programs
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Education FAQs:  What's New?

Updated 02.28.14

Q. Who do I contact for troubleshooting my eLearning Course?


A. Please call the support line at 877.877.4085 or e-mail either Rich Overholt ( or Jay Boucher ( with any technical support questions you may have in regards to the online store or your eLearning course.

Q. I logged into my online course but I only see the link to the exam; where do

I find the eLearning materials?

  A.  Click on the book icon in the resources column to open up the link to the learning materials.

Q. How long do I have to complete the course?   A. You have six months from the date of purchase to study for and take the exam (complete the course). If you fail the exam, you can purchase a retake for $75 but you must purchase and complete the retake exam within your original six month time frame.

Q. What are the course fees?  

A. The fee for members is $225 per course and the fee for non-members is $450 per course.

Q. Is there a fee to re-take the exam and what happens if I fail the re-take?   A.  The fee to re-take the exam is $50 for members and $75 for non-members.  If you do not pass the re-take exam you must repurchase the entire course.

Q. Is a proctor required for the exam?   A. ICA does not require a proctor for exams however it is best to check with your company's education representative (Ed Rep) or Human Resources Department regarding corporate regulations specific to your company before proceeding with the exam.

Q. I completed all four ICA courses as well as the other requirements for the ALHC/FLHC, but I have not received a certificate of completion, why?   A. Although you have completed the required courses, ICA is not made aware of any course completions outside of the C1, C2, C3 and C4 courses. It is the student’s responsibility to forward proof of completion for all non-ICA exams to ICA Headquarters. Acceptable proofs of completion include a copy of your transcripts or grade reports. These reports can be sent to

Q.  Does ICA allow for any substitutions of courses?   A.  No, ICA does not allow any course substitutions unless noted in our brochure.


ICA Education Program Overview

The ICA Claims Education Program provides an introduction to life and health insurance and a thorough understanding of claim administration for both individual and group coverage. The valuable working knowledge students gain from the program provides them with a professional edge and becomes their "claim to excellence" in the industry.

Continuing education has become a career necessity for many life and health claim professionals. Students who participate in the program reflect their commitment and dedication to the claim profession.

The benefits of ICA education are not limited to claim personnel. Many companies encourage underwriting, legal and actuarial personnel to participate. Since the program administered its first examination in 1965, students have enrolled for more than 100,000 examinations.

"The medical knowledge I have gained from Course C1 of the ICA Claims Education Program-Medical and Dental Aspects of Claims-has been especially helpful in my job and in my personal understanding of medical terminology."

Marjorie Tveitnes
Shelter Life Insurance Company

The ICA Claims Education Program is administered by McCann Associates under the direction of the ICA Education Committee. 

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Introductory Courses

The required introductory course segment consists of two introductory courses that present a basic working knowledge of life and health insurance, and the operations of life and health insurance companies. To satisfy the introductory course segment requirements, students may complete specified courses offered by:

  • LOMA (FLMI Program)
  • America's Health Insurance Plans
  • The Health Insurance Association of America (HIA Program)
  • The American College (CLU Program)*
  • The Life Underwriters Association of Canada (CLU Program)*

* Students wishing to use specified courses in either CLU Program must complete these courses before September 30, 1997. After that date, courses from the CLU Program cannot be used to satisfy the introductory course segment.

LOMA Introductory Courses

LOMA 280


LOMA 281


Principles of Insurance

Meeting Customer Needs with Insurance and Annuities


LOMA 290


LOMA 291


Insurance Company Operations

Improving the Bottom Line: Insurance Company Operations

AHIP Introductory Courses
AHIP Part A Fundamentals of Health Insurance, Part A (Basics of Health Insurance)
AHIP Part B Fundamentals of Health Insurance, Part B (Basics of Company Operations)

HIAA Introductory Courses
In 1998, AHIP (formerly the HIAA) removed several courses which the ICA had previously accepted as satisfying the introductory course requirements. These courses were:
1. Individual Health Insurance (Part A)
2. Individual Health Insurance (Part B)


1. Group Life and Health Insurance (Part A)
2. Group Life and Health Insurance (Part B)
Students who have completed either pair of these courses can use them to satisfy the ICA’s introductory course requirements by providing proof of completion to ICA.

American College Introductory Courses

HS 323


HS 324


Individual Life Insurance (If taken before September 30, 1997)

Insurance Environment and Operations (If taken before December 31, 1986)

HS 325 Group Benefits


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Associate, Life and Health Claims Designation (ALHC)

The six courses in the ALHC segment of the ICA Claims Education Program are designed to provide the student with a thorough understanding of the administration of life and health insurance claims.

The ALHC Program consists of six courses: two Introductory Courses (listed above) and four ICA Courses (listed below). Students may enroll for examinations in the Introductory or ICA Course segments in any order; however, the ICA recommends that students complete the Introductory Courses before enrolling for ALHC Courses. 

ICA Course Segment:

  • C1 Medical Aspects of Claims
  • C2 Life and Health Insurance Law
  • C3 Claim Administration
  • C4 Management of Claim Operations


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Fellow, Life and Health Claims Designation (FLHC)

For those students looking to pursue a higher, more advanced level of claim education, the ICA offers the Fellow, Life and Health Claims (FLHC) professional designation. This program is designed to provide a broader knowledge and understanding of claims by focusing on related insurance functions.

Although the successful completion of the entire ALHC Program curriculum is a prerequisite to earning the FLHC designation, students may enroll for courses in either curriculum in any order. However, because the FLHC Program builds upon the knowledge gained from the ALHC Program curriculum, the ICA recommends completion of the entire ALHC Program before undertaking the FLHC Program.

*Please note: Students who earned the ALHC designation prior to the Fall 1991 introduction of Course C4 —Management of Claim Operations, are required to successfully complete C4 in addition to all other FLHC requirements to earn the FLHC designation.

The FLHC curriculum, in addition to the introductory courses and four ICA courses, consists of four courses in total: three required LOMA courses and one elective from LOMA or the American College.

In addition to the six ALHC courses, the three required LOMA courses include:

ACS 100


ACS 101


Foundations of Customer Service

Customer Service for Insurance Professionals

LOMA 320
Life and Health Insurance Marketing

UND 386
Underwriting Life & Health Insurance (LOMA’s former Course 10-SR or UND 385 may be substituted for UND 386.)


Elective options are as follows (one required):

LOMA 351   Financial Services Environment

LOMA 307   Business and Financial Concepts for Insurance Professionals

LOMA 371   Risk Management and Product Design for Insurance Companies (if completed after September 1, 1996)

AIRC 410   Regulatory Compliance: Companies, Producers, and Operations

AIRC 411   The Regulatory Environment for Life Insurance

AIRC 420   Regulatory Compliance: Insurance and Annuity Products

AIRC 421   Regulation of Life Insurance Products, Sales & Operations

HS 321   Income Taxation

HS 330   Fundamentals of Estate Planning

HS 331   Planning for Business Owners and Professionals


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Preparing for Examinations

The ICA Claims Education Program is designed as an independent self-study program. Preparation for the examination depends on individual circumstances and study habits. For most examinations, two or three months of preparation are required.  Students have six months from the date of course purchase to study for and complete the exam and one re-take if necessary.


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Completion of eLearning

Upon completing all requirements of the ICA Claims Education Program, students may begin using their designation proudly on their business cards, stationery, and nameplates.

Once all requirements are met for either the ALHC or FLHC designation the student will receive a certificate of completion. Please note that students are responsible for forwarding proof of completion for all non-ICA courses to ICA headquarters. A copy of the following will be accepted as proof of course credit:

  • Transcripts
  • Grade Report

ICA Headquarters cannot print your certificate until this information is forwarded to us. All ALHC and FLHC certificates will be printed with the month and year the certificate was earned.


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Important Contacts

America’s Health Insurance Plans
(202) 778-3200

American College
(888) 263-7265

ICA eLearning Course Support:

(877) 877-4085

(770) 984-3782


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