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Communicating Industry Research

is what ICA stands for.

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Coaching Your Career

is what ICA stands for.

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Collaborating with Colleagues

is what ICA stands for.

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How Can the ICA Help You?

Since 1909, the International Claim Association (ICA) has been the premier organization connecting and empowering our members in the life, health, and disability claim fields. Over the years, we’ve grown to include a rapidly expanding international group of life and health insurance companies, reinsurers, managed care companies, TPAs, and Blue Cross and Blue Shield organizations, all dedicated to providing the best claims service possible for their clients.

Who Should Join the ICA?

We’re here to provide life, health, and disability insurance claims professionals with the comprehensive resources they need to excel – whether it’s access to valuable industry research, mandatory claims educational certifications, or a strong community of members exchanging innovative ideas and best practices.

What is the ICA? We’re a lot of things to a lot of people. But what does ICA stand for? We stand for our members. We stand for the clients you serve. We stand for connecting you to success.  

Learn about Member Benefits!

ICA for Law Enforcement and LEIs

We partner with members of local, state, and federal law enforcement to help them determine if life insurance may have been a motive for a crime. The Law Enforcement Inquiry (LEI) program allows any law enforcement officer with an active criminal investigation, regarding the person named in the LEI, to request a canvass of our member companies to determine if there is a life insurance policy in place that may have been the motive for a crime. The LEI service can now be used to determine if victims of elder abuse have health coverage or long-term care coverage in place. These searches have, in the past, provided law enforcement assistance in criminal investigations and prevented our members from paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in fraudulent claims. Note: The state fraud bureaus and red flags are not part of the LEI process.

In the past, these searches have provided law enforcement with assistance in criminal investigations, thus preventing our members from paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in fraudulent claims.

ICA Member Resources

ICA members have access to a myriad of trusted research and resources pertaining to the claims industry, including informative blogs and podcasts. Whether you’re seeking white papers and reports or other expert claims information, we give you the tools and knowledge to provide the best claims service possible for your clients.

Unlock Research

ICA Education Offerings

ICA is the only source for important career-enhancing courses that help you master your claims business, and our members enjoy discounted certifications. From critical medical knowledge and a deeper understanding of the laws, to cost control, higher level management skills, and more, your best preparation is education.

Educate Yourself

Upcoming ICA Virtual Events

We’ve gone virtual with our events until it’s safe to meet again, but these digital connectors are just as valuable as our in-person activities. Network with like-minded claims professionals to significantly enhance your services. Our conferences, training webinars, and other opportunities to connect, learn, and share are here, conveniently on-screen and on-demand.

What’s Happening?

Latest News

California Supreme Court Answers Long-Awaited Question About Retroactive Application of 60-Day Grace Period and Notice Requirements for Life Insurance Policies

By: Geoff Tong & Emily Cheung Garcia Hernandez Sawhney, LLP Recently, the California Supreme Court clarified that the 2013 California legislation affecting grace periods and notice requirements for life insurance policies applies universally to all existing and future policies. Effective January 1, 2013, the California Legislature codified Insurance Code Sections 10113.71 and 10113.72 to protect…

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