E-Learning Courses

ICA Course Fees: $225 Members, $450 Non-Members

Course C1: Medical Aspects of Claims
Describes the anatomy and physiology of the human body, as well as disorders and treatment of the various body systems.

Course C2: Life and Health Insurance Law
Provides the student with an understanding of the insurance policy as a legal contract. Sets forth aspects of statutory law, case law, and common law as they pertain to claim administration.

Course C3: Claim Administration
Describes the administration of claims under life and health insurance contracts (both individual and group), including investigation and cost control techniques.

Course C4: Management 11 - Principles of Management
MGMT 11 serves as a foundation to build management skills and techniques. Students will acquire essential components and core competencies such as: introduction to management, planning, organizing, leading, and oversight controls.

How to Purchase eLearning Courses C1, C2, and C3:
There are two ways to purchase an ICA course:

  1. With a credit card online here
  2. With a check mailed with the order form to our vendor McCann Associates.

Contact Information

The ICA has retained McCann Associates Testing to administer ICA eLearning Courses. All questions regarding course registration and orders should be sent to McCann Associates (T: 1-844-712-6221 E: for support.

ALHC and FLHC applicants must provide their course scores and completion dates to the ICA headquarters. After completing a course please send a copy of your coursework transcript/grade reports to for processing.

Education FAQs: What's New?

Q. Who do I contact for troubleshooting my eLearning Course?
A. Please contact McCann Associates (T: 1-844-712-6221 E: with any technical support questions you may have in regards to the online store or your eLearning course.

Q. I logged into my online course but I only see the link to the exam; where do I find the eLearning materials?
A. Click on the book icon in the resources column to open up the link to the learning materials.

Q. How long do I have to complete the course?
A. You have 180 days from the date of purchase to study for and take the exam (complete the course). If you fail the exam, you can purchase a retake for $75 but you must purchase and complete the retake exam within your original 180 day time frame. Extensions are not granted.

Q. What are the course fees?
A. The fee for members is $225 per course and the fee for non-members is $450 per course.

Q. Is there a fee to re-take the exam and what happens if I fail the re-take?
A. The fee to re-take the exam is $50 for members and $75 for non-members. If you do not pass the re-take exam you must repurchase the entire course.

Q. Is a proctor required for the exam?
A. ICA does not require a proctor for exams however it is best to check with your company's education representative (Ed Rep) or Human Resources Department regarding corporate regulations specific to your company before proceeding with the exam.

Q. I completed all four ICA courses as well as the other requirements for the ALHC/FLHC, but I have not received a certificate of completion, why?
A. Although you have completed the required courses, ICA is not made aware of any course completions outside of the C1, C2, C3 and C4 courses. It is the student's responsibility to forward proof of completion for all non-ICA exams to ICA Headquarters. Acceptable proofs of completion include a copy of your transcripts or grade reports. These reports can be sent to

Q. Does ICA allow for any substitutions of courses?
A. No, ICA does not allow any course substitutions unless noted in our brochure.