Fellow, Life and Health Claims Designation (FLHC)

For those students looking to pursue a higher, more advanced level of claim education, the ICA offers the Fellow, Life and Health Claims (FLHC) professional designation. This program is designed to provide a broader knowledge and understanding of claims by focusing on related insurance functions.

Although the successful completion of the entire ALHC Program curriculum is a prerequisite to earning the FLHC designation, students may enroll for courses in either curriculum in any order. However, because the FLHC Program builds upon the knowledge gained from the ALHC Program curriculum, the ICA recommends completion of the entire ALHC Program before undertaking the FLHC Program.

*Please note: Students who earned the ALHC designation prior to the Fall 1991 introduction of Course C4 — Management of Claim Operations, are required to successfully complete C4 in addition to all other FLHC requirements to earn the FLHC designation.

The FLHC curriculum, in addition to the introductory courses and four ICA courses, consists of four courses in total: three required LOMA courses and one elective from LOMA or the American College.

In addition to the six ALHC courses, the three required LOMA courses include:

ACS 100
ACS 101

Foundations of Customer Service
Customer Service for Insurance Professionals

LOMA 320 Life and Health Insurance Marketing
UND 386 Underwriting Life & Health Insurance
(LOMA's former Course 10-SR or UND 385 may be substituted for UND 386.)


Elective options are as follows (one required):

LOMA 351 Financial Services Environment
LOMA 307 Business and Financial Concepts for Insurance Professionals
LOMA 371 Risk Management and Product Design for Insurance Companies
(if completed after September 1, 1996)
AIRC 410 Regulatory Compliance: Companies, Producers, and Operations
AIRC 411 The Regulatory Environment for Life Insurance
AIRC 420 Regulatory Compliance: Insurance and Annuity Products
AIRC 421 Regulation of Life Insurance Products, Sales & Operations
HS 321 Income Taxation
HS 330 Fundamentals of Estate Planning
HS 331 Planning for Business Owners and Professionals