ICA: 107th Annual Conference

107th Annual ICA Education Conference Presentations and Attendee List

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Attendee List (As of October 4, 2016)

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Conference Calendar

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1.1   Beneficiary Challenges for Life Claims Professional (Session 1 and 2)
1.2   Greatest Hits Roundtable: What We've Learned From the ICA and How It Can Help You
1.3   International Claims
1.4   It's Written All Over Your Face
1.5   Contemporary Case Studies in Fraud & Misrepresentation
1.6   That's Not What I Meant to Say
1.7   Meaningful Goal Setting for Claims Professionals
2.1   The Basic Parts to Contestable Claim Analysis - Individual/Group/Simplified Issue
2.2   Social Security Past, Present and Future
2.3   The New ERISA Regulations — Everything You Need to Know to Stay Compliant
2.4   Is Mental Health Parity Driving You Crazy? Learn the Latest Developments in this Rapidly Evolving Area
2.5   Cause of Death — A Practical Look at Accidental vs. Suicide Deaths
2.6   Rescission: Attacks and Comebacks
2.7   Preparing for Discovery and Being Deposed — Handout
2.7   Preparing for Discovery and Being Deposed — Powerpoint
2.8   What You Do Matters: How to Engage Your Team with Connection, Compassion, and Collaboration to Drive Satisfaction and Success
3.1   Trends, Technology and Claims of Tomorrow
3.2   Implementing and Operationalizing Fraud Analytics and Beyond
3.3   Why Can't This Lawsuit Go Away?
3.4   Mock Deposition-Disability Claim
3.5   Oh No, We're Being Audited!
4.1   It's a Small (Claims) World: Express Claims and Death Claim Requirements
4.2   I See a Trend a Comin'
4.3   Our Rules Are Different — A review of SSDI GRID Rules and Disability Vocational Rehabilitation Plans
4.4   The Leading Cause, The Leading Cure
4.5   Are We Going To Pot?
4.6   Organized Groups and Life Insurance Fraud
4.7   The Lapsed Policy - Never As Simple As It Seems
4.8   The Business of Claims: How Data and Metrics Paint the Picture of Your Business
5.1   Chronic, Critical or Terminal? Accidental? Questions Surrounding Accelerated Benefit and AD&D Riders
5.3   What's In Your Toolbox? Building an Approach to Self Reported Symptom Claims
5.4   Medical Evaluation of Concussion in the Disability Benefit Process
5.5   Producer/Agent Fraud: A Continuing and Ever Changing Dilemma
5.6   Is It "E-Legal"?: The Legal Practices and Pitfalls of E-investigation, E-signatures, and E-litigation
5.7   Writing for Denials & Rescissions — Handout
5.7   Writing for Denials & Rescissions — Slides
6.1   Annuity Claims Roundtable
6.2   Waiver of Premium Roundtable
6.3   Complex Claims Roundtable
6.4   Death Investigation Roundtable
6.5   Recruiting & Managing a Multigenerational Claims Staff Roundtable
6.6   Preparing a Case for Litigation (Session)
7.1, 7.2, and 7.8   Advanced Life Claims Roundtables
7.3   Reinsurance Discussion Group Roundtable
7.4   Data Analytics and Predictive Modeling in Disability Claims: Roundtable Conversation Roundtable
7.5   Health Claims - What Would You Do? (Roundtable)
7.7   Innovation and Claims: Process Automation and Fraud Security (Session)