ICA: 107th Annual Conference

Schedule at a Glance

subject to change

Download a printable conference at-a-glance calendar. This calendar includes the session start and end times and room names.

Friday, October 14

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM ACT Meeting — Room TBD

Saturday, October 15

12:30PM – 1:30PM Finance Committee — Segura 3-4
1:45PM – 3:45PM Executive Committee — Segura 3-4
4:00PM – 5:00PM Committee Chair Meeting — Palazzo F-H
5:30PM – 7:00PM Committee Member Appreciation Reception: We will honor the contributions of our committee members at the Committee Member Appreciation Reception on Saturday, October 15, 2016 from 5:30-7:00 pm. The reception will take place in the Citrus Garden (BU Lower Level Foyer) of the Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes. Come meet or reconnect with your fellow committee members, share stories, and help us kick-off the 107th Annual Education Conference!

Sunday, October 16

7:30 am arrival Golf Tournament: Learn more>>
2:00PM – 3:30PM Disability Committee Meeting — Segura 3
2:00PM – 3:30PM Education Committee — Segura 2
2:00PM – 3:30PM Fraud & Risk Management Committee — Segura 4
2:00PM – 3:30PM Health Committee — Segura 5
2:00PM – 3:30PM Law Committee — Segura 6
2:00PM – 3:30PM Life Committee — Del Lago 3
2:00PM – 3:30PM Marketing & Membership Development Committee — Del Lago 4
2:00PM – 3:30PM Nominating Committee — Del Lago 1
2:00PM – 3:30PM Reinsurance Committee — Del Lago 2
4:00PM – 5:00PM New Attendee Networking Happy Hour — Ritz Carlton Citrus Garden
5:30PM – 6:30PM Reception in Exhibit Hall — Palazzo D-H
6:30PM – 8:30PM ALOHA! Welcome Reception — Valencia Patio and Terrace

Monday, October 17

7:00AM – 8:15AM Breakfast in Exhibit Hall — Palazzo D-H
8:15AM – 9:30AM General Session
9:30AM – 10:00AM Coffee / Networking Break — Mediterranean Ballroom Foyer
10:00AM – 11:30AM Roundtable Discussions
1.1 [ full ] Beneficiary Challenges for the Life Claims Professional - Palazzo A (Session 1) (Speakers: Bill Demlong, Jackie Raspotnik)
1.2 Greatest Hits Roundtable: What We've Learned From the ICA and How It Can Help You - Marbella 3(Speakers: Sherry Smith, Kenneth Wallach)
1.3 International Claims - Del Lago 1 (Speaker: Eli Wahby, Jay Kenigsberg)
1.4 It's Written All Over Your Face Del Lago 3-4 (Speakers: Jessica Friedman, Douglas Friedman, Jason Gallant)
1.5 [ full ] Contemporary Case Studies in Fraud & Misrepresentation - Marbella 4 (Speaker: Ernest Smith)
1.6 [ full ] That's Not What I Meant to Say Marbella 1-2 (Speakers: Amy Atkinson, Kim Houston, Karen Riendeau)
1.7 [ full ] Meaningful Goal Setting for Claims Professionals - Palazzo C (Speakers: Antonio Ferrante, Lauren Gould)
1.8 Beneficiary Challenges for the Life Claims Professional - Palazzo B (Session 2) (Speakers: Ann Binzer, Joyce Carville)
11:30AM – 12:45PM Lunch in the Exhibit Hall — Palazzo D-H
1:00PM – 2:15PM Roundtable Discussions/Concurrent Sessions
2.1 The Basic Parts to Contestable Claim Analysis - Individual/Group/Simplified Issue - Del Lago 3-4 (Speakers: Curtis McAdams, Charles Storm)
2.2 Social Security Past, Present and Future - Del Lago 2 (Speakers: Christopher Doherty, Barbara Mountain)
2.3 The New ERISA Regulations-Everything You Need to Know to Stay Compliant - Marbella 4 (Speaker: Joshua Bachrach, Rick Denman)
2.4 Is Mental Health Parity Driving You Crazy? Learn the Latest Developments in this Rapidly Evolving Area - Cordova 4 (Speaker: Bryan Bolton)
2.6 Rescission: Attacks and Comebacks - Palazzo C (Speakers: Melissa Cowan, Adam Formus)
2.7 Preparing for Discovery and Being Deposed - Del Lago 1 (Speakers: Geoffrey Tong, Lauren Gold, Ernest Smith)
2.8 What You Do Matters: How to Engage Your Team with Connection, Compassion, and Collaboration to Drive Satisfaction and Success - Segura 5 (Speakers: Wendy Berndt, Kim Houston, Devon Wallace)

PLEASE NOTE THAT SESSION 2.5 Cause of Death — A Practical Look at Accidental vs. Suicide Death has been CANCELLED. This session is now a part of the Death Investigations Roundtable (Session 6.4)

2:30PM – 3:45PM Concurrent Sessions
3.1 [ full ] Trends, Technology and Claims of Tomorrow - Palazzo A-B (Speakers: Beth Maddestra, Cindy Sumner)
3.2 Implementing and Operationalizing Fraud Analytics and Beyond - Del Lago 3-4 (Speaker: Jim Hulett)
3.3 Why Can’t This Lawsuit Go Away? Del Lago 1 (Speaker: Adam Formus, Louis P. Di Giaimo)
3.4 Mock Deposition-Disability Claim - Marbella 1-2 (Speakers: Barbara Carra, Robert Dubiel, Joesph Hamilton, Colleen Jordan, Richard Masselli)
3.5 Oh No, We’re Being Audited! - Marbella 3 (Speaker: Kelly Corbin)
4:00PM – 4:30PM ICA 101 - Open Town Hall — Segura 3-4

Tuesday, October 18

7:30AM – 8:45AM Breakfast in Exhibit Hall — Palazzo D-H
9:00AM – 10:15AM Concurrent Sessions
4.1 It’s a Small (Claims) World: Express Claims and Death Claim Requirements - Segura 3-4 (Speakers: Beth Maddestra, Jackie Raspotnik)
4.2 I See a Trend a Comin’ Del Lago 1 (Speakers: Curtis McAdams, Karen Riendeau, Rob Tesdahl)
4.3 Our Rules are Different - A review of SSDI GRID Rules and Disability Vocational Rehabilitation Plans - Marbella 3 (Speakers: Casey Hatten, Anita Kulakowski, Lindsey Lajoie)
4.4 The Leading Cause, The Leading Cure - Segura 2 (Speaker: Peter Durand)
4.5 Are We Going to Pot? Cordova 5 (Speaker: Brenda Emde)
4.6 Organized Groups and Life Insurance Fraud - Marbella 2 (Speaker: Don MacDiarmid)
4.7 The Lapsed Policy- Never As Simple As It Seems - Del Lago 2 (Speakers: David Koth, Terrence O'Meara, Julie Ovicher)
4.8 The Business of Claims: How Data and Metrics Paint the Picture of Your Business - Marbella 4 (Speakers: Demetra Almiroudis, Ciro Frulio, Jill Rewis)
10:30AM – 11:45AM Concurrent Sessions
5.1 Chronic, Critical or Terminal? Accidental? Questions Surrounding Accelerated Benefit and AD&D Riders - Palazzo C (Speakers: Jane McWatters, Cindy Sumner)
5.2 [ full ] CANCELLED: Transition from STD to LTD Best Practices (Speaker: Dianne Donovan-Colin)
5.3 What’s In Your Toolbox? Building an Approach to Self Reported Symptom Claims - Del Lago 2 (Speakers: Margaret Mangan, Pam Wiedmeyer)
5.4 [ full ] CANCELED: Medical Evaluation of Concussion in the Disability Benefit Process
5.5 Producer/Agent Fraud: A Continuing and Ever Changing Dilemma - Palazzo A (Speakers: Mark Burdick, Katherine Villanueava)
5.6 Is It “E-legal”?: The Legal Practicalities and Pitfalls of E-investigation, E-signatures, and E-litigation - Palazzo B (Speakers: Melissa Cowan, Brad Redlien, Alayne Russom)
5.7 Writing for Denials & Rescissions - Segura 3-4 (Speaker: Kim Mitchell)
11:45AM – 1:00PM Lunch in Exhibit Hall — Palazzo D-H
1:00PM – 2:30PM Roundtable Discussions/Concurrent Sessions
6.1 Annuity Claims Roundtable - Del Lago 1 -2 (Speaker: Sherry Smith)
6.2 Waiver of Premium Roundtable - Palazzo A (Speakers: Chuck Storm, Don Trexler)
6.3 [ full ] Complex Claims Roundtable - Cordova 5-6 (Speakers: Sophia Horsman, Ernest Smith)
6.4 Death Investigation Roundtable - Segura 3-4 (Speaker: Jennifer Cramer, Dori Farrey, Chris Kanehl, Brad Taylor)
6.5 Recruiting & Managing a Multigenerational Claims Staff Roundtable - Del Lago 3-4 (Speaker: Alex Stultz)
6.6 Preparing a Case for Litigation - Marbella 4 (Speakers: Tammy Denbo, Daniel Martinez)
2:45PM – 4:15PM Roundtable Discussions/Concurrent Sessions
7.1 [ full ] Advanced Claims Roundtable - Palazzo B (Session 1) (Speakers: Judy LeTendre, Mark Trigg)
7.2 [ full ] Advanced Claims Roundtable - Palazzo C (Session 2) (Speakers: Ann Binzer, Kim Houston)
7.3 [ full ] Reinsurance Discussion Group Roundtable - Del Lago 1-2 (Speakers: Pamela Evans, Mary Beaufait, Monica Clink)
7.4 [ full ] Data Analytics and Predictive Modeling in Disability Claims - Del Lago 3-4 (Speaker: Evan Scarponi)
7.5 Health Claims — What Would You Do? - Marbella 3 (Speaker: Kim Mitchell)
7.6 [ full ] CANCELLED: International Compliance (Speaker: Ray Schnell)
7.7 Innovation and Claims: Process Automation and Fraud Security Segura 3-4 (Speaker: Brian Cox)
7.8 [ full ] Advanced Claims Roundtable - Palazzo A (Session 3) (Speakers: Bill Dolk, Kevin Glasgow)
6:00PM – 9:00PM Casino Night — Palazzo D-H