ICA: 107th Annual Conference

Session Descriptions



Opening General Session: Jeanne Robertson

SESSION 1: MONDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2016 — 10:15 AM - 11:30 AM


[ full ] Beneficiary Challenges for the Life Claims Professional - Palazzo A (Session 1) (Speakers: Bill Demlong, Jackie Raspotnik)
This roundtable will address life claims that involve challenging beneficiary issues such as trusts, estates and Power of Attorney (POA) documents. Join an attorney and experienced claims professionals to discuss best practices for adjudicating claims when a difficult beneficiary situation comes up. The presenters will solicit your beneficiary questions before the conference and we’ll work together as a group to come up with ideas to help handle these claims. Join us for what is surely to be a lively discussion.


Greatest Hits Roundtable: What We've Learned From the ICA and How It Can Help You - Marbella 3(Speakers: Sherry Smith, Kenneth Wallach)
An interactive roundtable discussion of the best ICA Life and Annuity actionable ideas gleaned from years of ICA membership. Expect a potpourri of topics that could range from assisted suicide to the xenophobia of foreign death claims. We will solicit your very best take home ideas and include them in the handout to guide our roundtable discussion. This is going to be one magical session you won’t want to miss.


International Claims - Del Lago 1 (Speaker: Eli Wahby, Jay Kenigsberg)
We’ll take a look at the similarities and differences in handling Life claims in the United States and Canada. We will review the applicable legislation, the best practices across each of these regions in terms of the usual claim requirements and why there may be differences. We will have case studies that will highlight some of these differences, including those that occur during and after the contestable period, what legislation may have an impact on the contestability provision and how claims may be handled differently once the contestable period expires.


It's Written All Over Your Face Del Lago 3-4 (Speakers: Jessica Friedman, Douglas Friedman, Jason Gallant)
Actual videos of two psychological claimants illustrate the particular difficulties of evaluating mental limitations. Our roundtable discussion will first focus on what one “hears” over the telephone (audio only), and then what additional information is obtained through observation (audio and video). We will discuss what to listen for, in conjunction with one of the most underutilized practices in evaluating a claim: the face-to-face field visit / interview. This session will discuss the value of conducting an in-person visit, promoting this practice within your company, various techniques and approaches, utilizing internal or external resources, and the challenges of performing field visits / interviews.


[ full ] Contemporary Case Studies in Fraud & Misrepresentation - Marbella 4 (Speaker: Ernest Smith)
This discussion will explore contemporary case studies of fraud and misrepresentation from a financial/occupational perspective. The main focus will be IDI and LTD claims, addressing the impact of new technologies and social media. A thoughtful and mindful perspective on how do we deal with the new mouse trap?


[ full ] That's Not What I Meant to Say Marbella 1-2 (Speakers: Amy Atkinson, Kim Houston, Karen Riendeau)
Have you ever picked up a claim file and cringed when you saw an inappropriate comment knowing that a plaintiff’s attorney will most likely display it on a huge screen in the courtroom? Is that innocent comment really so innocent? What should you say when corresponding on a claim with underwriting, legal or a reinsurer? Join an experienced attorney and claim professionals who will lead a roundtable discussion on best practices for proper file documentation and how claims professionals should communicate important information within the claim file, within the company, and outside of the company. (Amy Atkinson, Kim Houston, Karen Riendeau)


[ full ] Meaningful Goal Setting for Claims Professionals - Palazzo C (Speakers: Antonio Ferrante, Lauren Gould)
Cultivating a high performance culture is instrumental in developing a successful claims organization. A key component of a high performance culture is having meaningful performance goals that are clear, support a collaborative work environment, are motivational and align employee performance with the goals of the organization. In this round table discussion, we will share tips on how to set performance goals which will improve employee engagement and performance, streamline the performance assessment process and further departmental performance.


Beneficiary Challenges for the Life Claims Professional - Palazzo B (Session 2) (Speakers: Ann Binzer, Joyce Carville)
This roundtable will address life claims that involve challenging beneficiary issues such as trusts, estates and Power of Attorney (POA) documents. Join an attorney and experienced claims professionals to discuss best practices for adjudicating claims when a difficult beneficiary situation comes up. The presenters will solicit your beneficiary questions before the conference and we’ll work together as a group to come up with ideas to help handle these claims. Join us for what is surely to be a lively discussion. (Please note this session is being offered in two rooms. Please plan to attend either session 1 or 2)

SESSION 2: MONDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2016 — 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM


The Basic Parts to Contestable Claim Analysis - Individual/Group/Simplified Issue - Del Lago 3-4 (Speakers: Curtis McAdams, Charles Storm)
This workshop is designed to outline the broad steps involved with adjudicating a contestable life claim, including a discussion of claims where the manner of death may be suicide. Geared towards entry-level and intermediate claim examiners, attendees will gain an understanding of the basic framework and approach of contestable claim analysis for individual, group, and simplified issue products. Although this session is not intended as a comprehensive discussion for advanced claims examiners and will not cover new ground for them, they are welcome to attend and refresh their general knowledge or to share their pearls of wisdom.


Social Security Past, Present and Future - Del Lago 2 (Speakers: Christopher Doherty, Barbara Mountain)
This session will provide a history of Social Security, why it was created, why it was funded as a pay as you go system, and it’s future solvency. We will include a discussion of the current political climate and the potential impact on the SS Disability Program and the possible impact on insurers and claimants. This is a must see presentation, as it literally affects each and every one of you, and it is a hot button issue in the 2016 presidential election.


The New ERISA Regulations-Everything You Need to Know to Stay Compliant - Marbella 4 (Speaker: Joshua Bachrach, Rick Denman)
For the first time since 2000, the Department of Labor has proposed significant changes to the ERISA regulations that govern claim handling. When enacted, these changes will impact the information an administrator needs to disclose to a claimant during an appeal as well as the timing of its decisions. The proposed regulations also state that if a deadline is missed, the manner in which the court reviews a decision may be altered. This program will address, in detail, the changes to the regulations, procedures for reviewing claims, and what administrators must do to provide claimants with a “full and fair review.” Come join us as we discuss how this impacts your handling of LTD claims.


Is Mental Health Parity Driving You Crazy? Learn the Latest Developments in this Rapidly Evolving Area - Cordova 4 (Speaker: Bryan Bolton)
The Mental Health Parity Act broadly mandates equality between physical and mental health care benefits under group health plans. Equality, however, is in the eye of the beholder and significant disputes involve what constitutes parity. Is financial parity all that is required? Is continuous monitoring of mental health claims a violation? What about level of care guidelines for mental health care claims-are they permissible? How is parity enforced, who can enforce, and who is liable?


Rescission: Attacks and Comebacks - Palazzo C (Speakers: Melissa Cowan, Adam Formus)
To rescind or not to rescind? Whether you’re a novice or a veteran of life, health, or disability claims, you will face this rescission conundrum. Seasoned in-house and outside counsel will demystify the basics, quirks, and trends in rescission, while exploring the common legal attacks and strategic defense “comebacks” in litigation. Don’t miss out!


Preparing for Discovery and Being Deposed - Del Lago 1 (Speakers: Geoffrey Tong, Lauren Gold, Ernest Smith)
Today’s world is becoming more and more litigious. Cases are won and lost in discovery. While many cases may be settled before they ever get to court, all claim associates should be prepared to be deposed. This session will prepare individuals for the discovery process. There will be an overview to gain greater understanding of the purpose and process of claim litigation and discovery. Participants will learn what they should know before they’re ever told a deposition is required and how to prepare in advance of the deposition, what information to gather and retain, his or her obligations and role, as well as the do’s and don’ts. For those with knowledge of depositions and the discovery process, there is always something new to learn. This workshop is the precursor to “Oh no! I’ve been scheduled to be deposed."


What You Do Matters: How to Engage Your Team with Connection, Compassion, and Collaboration to Drive Satisfaction and Success - Segura 5 (Speakers: Wendy Berndt, Kim Houston, Devon Wallace)
Where do I fit into this organization? Do people understand what I do here? Am I making a difference? These are typical questions in everyone’s mind from time to time. This workshop will help claim organizations connect the dots between thevision of the company and the role of claims while improving the satisfaction and engagement for your team members. We will discuss ways to link claims and other departments in your organization, break down silos, improve engagement, and build on and celebrate successes in a critical role that keeps the promises of your company. This course is geared toward claims professionals who are interested in employee engagement and want to learn more.

SESSION 3: MONDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2016 — 2:30 PM - 3:45 PM


[ full ] Trends, Technology and Claims of Tomorrow - Palazzo A-B (Speakers: Beth Maddestra, Cindy Sumner)
In general, claims is not known to be a profession that works on the cusp of technology and change, but trends are proving otherwise. We will discuss some ideas and the pros and cons of new technology and management trends in the claim’s world of the future. The focus of this session will apply to the Life claims division. Sample topics for discussion: digital signatures, direct deposit, online claim forms and submission, e-delivery, work from home and jet claims processing.


Implementing and Operationalizing Fraud Analytics and Beyond - Del Lago 3-4 (Speaker: Jim Hulett)
Insurance carriers are making investments into transformational technology at a faster pace than ever before to better leverage powerful data resources and analytics. If properly implemented and operationalized, organizations that make these investments can derive more effective insights and take more informed actions regarding all aspects of business, in particular for fraud risk. With the relative newness of analytics being implemented more broadly in the SIU industry and within Claims, there are critical considerations and strategies regarding capabilities, future growth path, organizational change management and internal-external collaboration that ensures a successful technology transformation and roadmap forward. This session will layout foundational concepts defining advanced analytic solutions; how analytic solutions can optimize efficiency, effectiveness and impact; and, how can an organization integrate and successfully adapt their usage in daily operations.


Why Can’t This Lawsuit Go Away? Del Lago 1 (Speaker: Adam Formus, Louis P. Di Giaimo)
Have you ever wondered what attorneys do behind the scenes, and why lawsuits seem to cost too much and go on too long? You may know what a deposition is, but do you know why you must testify? Do you want to know why you must dig through documents and answer questions about an old claim on short notice when you are busy with so many other things? Experienced trial attorneys dissect a lawsuit from start to finish, explaining each stage of the process and why and when they need your expertise. Learn what “discovery” is and how it can make a suit drag on for months and years, what a “motion” is and why it is so important, why simple lawsuits can become enormously expensive, why a case may settle even when the company did nothing wrong, and why your attorneys sometimes can’t make a lawsuit “go away.”


Mock Deposition-Disability Claim - Marbella 1-2 (Speakers: Barbara Carra, Robert Dubiel, Joesph Hamilton, Colleen Jordan, Richard Masselli)
Oh no! I’ve been scheduled to be deposed. Have you ever been scheduled to be/or anticipate being deposed on a claim that you’re handling? Even if you haven’t been noticed for deposition, many of us working in the claim profession will, at some point in our careers, be called upon to give one. Please join us for a mock deposition during which a panel of experts in the field will take you through the “mysteries”, subtleties and nuances of a deposition.


Oh No, We’re Being Audited! - Marbella 3 (Speaker: Kelly Corbin)
Have you been selected for an internal audit of your claims process? Are you ready? Not to worry. This presentation will walk you through what to expect during the audit and how to prepare you and your team for it. We’ll also discuss key aspects of a claims audit that could be in scope.

SESSION 4: TUESDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2016 — 9:00 AM - 10:15 AM


It’s a Small (Claims) World: Express Claims and Death Claim Requirements - Segura 3-4 (Speakers: Beth Maddestra, Jackie Raspotnik)
This session will discuss the emerging trend of streamlining the claim process for smaller claims to provide better customer service while balancing a company’s claim process. The presenters will provide a working definition of the small claim and best practices to include the use of the death certificate, the claim form and how fraud fits into this process. If your company already has a small claim process or if your company is considering one, join us to provide your first hand experience and if your company is considering this process, join us to learn more.


I See a Trend a Comin’ Del Lago 1 (Speakers: Curtis McAdams, Karen Riendeau, Rob Tesdahl)
Join us as we ride the rails to the future of claims! This session will discuss the latest life insurance industry trends and their potential effect on claim adjudication and processes. We will focus on claim trends involving duration, face amount, and cause of death. Our discussion will include changes in Marketing, Product Development, Underwriting and other areas that may impact your claims organization. Join us as we discuss what’s coming down the tracks.


Our Rules are Different - A review of SSDI GRID Rules and Disability Vocational Rehabilitation Plans - Marbella 3 (Speakers: Casey Hatten, Anita Kulakowski, Lindsey Lajoie)
This workshop will explore the balance we must have in claims when pursuing vocational rehab and a Social Security decision. It will be presented utilizing resources in claims, voc rehab and social security assistance. We will discuss the SSDI rules (GRID rules) and prepare claims professionals to speak intelligently on how SS rules are not only different from the disability policy, but also different from vocational rehab considerations. The presentation will include details on GRID rules and SS applications, vocational rehab considerations, and messaging for claims. We will go over examples of claims where the claimant may be considered for both social security and voc rehab. We will also consider situations where SS may have approved a claim that a disability carrier is questioning or denying.


The Leading Cause, The Leading Cure - Segura 2 (Speaker: Peter Durand)
This session is from a legal perspective for Disability Income Claims adjudication. “What will we consider today?” Topics include: Legal Disabilities, Risk of Relapse Disabilities, Surveillance Considerations and Appropriate Care Issues. Some attorneys can present “FACTS” - but Peter promises to not only present “FACTS” but we will have “FUN” with these informative topics. Please join us for Facts and Fun!


Are We Going to Pot? Cordova 5 (Speaker: Brenda Emde)
Legalization of marijuana is spreading like a weed (pun intended!). How will this effect underwriting of policies and the claims review process? What are the legal ramifications? We will explore topics such as the long term effects of marijuana use; is the user considered a “smoker,” and what constitutes impairment? Will the insurance industry distinguish between medicinal and recreational use? Got the munchies now? Don’t worry-we’ll have that covered!


Organized Groups and Life Insurance Fraud - Marbella 2 (Speaker: Don MacDiarmid)
On the heels of viatical agreement experience, various cultural, ethnic and other groups have learned how to manipulate the life insurance process and turn it into a tax free income generator. With the help of unscrupulous agents, they obtain life insurance policies on the elderly and sick members of the community, often without their consent or knowledge, based largely on fraud and misrepresentation. These groups use life policies as negotiable investment vehicles and unfortunately, insured’s are sometimes murdered so life insurance proceeds may be collected. In this session, we will present case scenarios of how various groups manipulate the system to obtain life insurance proceeds and provide some examples of how they sometimes lead to tragic results.


The Lapsed Policy- Never As Simple As It Seems - Del Lago 2 (Speakers: David Koth, Terrence O'Meara, Julie Ovicher)
Join this seminar to learn the complex area of policy lapses. We will review various lapse-related issues, including: (1) how these issues arise in a claims context; (2) common policy and statutory lapse notice requirements, and how courts approach these requirements; (3) common challenges for insurers in lapse cases; (5) the impact of late payment offers and receipt of premium after a lapse; and (6) consequences to the insurer of failed lapses.


The Business of Claims: How Data and Metrics Paint the Picture of Your Business - Marbella 4 (Speakers: Demetra Almiroudis, Ciro Frulio, Jill Rewis)
Are you routinely asked: “What questions do our callers ask?” “How many touches does it take to resolve a claim?” “How long does it take to pay a claim?” “Are we generating any business from claims we pay?” If these questions sound familiar, this workshop is for you! We will discuss metrics important to running a life claim operation, how data analytics and measures of success will allow you to demonstrate the value claims brings to your company, and how to paint the picture at all levels of your organization.

SESSION 5: TUESDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2016 — 10:30AM - 11:45 AM


Chronic, Critical or Terminal? Accidental? Questions Surrounding Accelerated Benefit and AD&D Riders - Palazzo C (Speakers: Jane McWatters, Cindy Sumner)
If you are fairly new to claims and/or claims management, join us as we take a look at accelerated benefit riders and AD&D riders. We will look at basic contract language, sample claim forms and discuss adjudication practices. You will be given the opportunity to submit questions in advance so we can have an interactive session and learn from each other.


[ full ] CANCELLED: Transition from STD to LTD Best Practices (Speaker: Dianne Donovan-Colin)
Nothing frustrates a claimant more than a bumpy transition from Short-term Disability (STD) to Long-term Disability (LTD). In this session you will discuss common barriers and misconceptions that lead to a less than desirable customer experience. Join us to learn how you can take a proactive approach with your claimants and within your organization that will result in a seamless and timely transition.


What’s In Your Toolbox? Building an Approach to Self Reported Symptom Claims - Del Lago 2 (Speakers: Margaret Mangan, Pam Wiedmeyer)
We often view self reported symptom claims with about as much enthusiasm as we do a root canal. Often there is a myriad of symptoms, no unifying diagnosis, multiple providers and specialties, and a wide array of treatments - both conventional and unconventional. We all employ a variety of resources to help us manage claims on a daily basis, however, self reported symptom claims are unique in that they frequently require us to exhaust all of the tools in our toolbox in order to gather the necessary information. Presenters will lay the foundation for developing a successful approach to managing self reported symptom claims by identifying WHAT tools to use, WHEN and WHY to use them, and HOW to incorporate the information into an integrative assessment.


[ full ] CANCELED: Medical Evaluation of Concussion in the Disability Benefit Process
Today, concussion (also known as mild traumatic brain injury or MTB) is the subject of countless articles. Everybody has an opinion, but no two opinions seem to match. Why is that? In this session, you will learn about concussion basics and how the definition of concussion (like concussion itself) can sometimes result in confusion. You will learn a disciplined approach to the evaluation of the functional consequences of concussion; where the evaluation of post-concussion syndrome ends; where subjective claim evaluation begins; and how you can evaluate some of your most difficult claims.


Producer/Agent Fraud: A Continuing and Ever Changing Dilemma - Palazzo A (Speakers: Mark Burdick, Katherine Villanueava)
This session will consider some of the latest producer/agent schemes to come to light , and will provide investigative and legal measures on how to detect and combat it and position your company to avoid being victimized by future schemes.


Is It “E-legal”?: The Legal Practicalities and Pitfalls of E-investigation, E-signatures, and E-litigation - Palazzo B (Speakers: Melissa Cowan, Brad Redlien, Alayne Russom)
#yourE-legalteamishere! “Like it” or not -- e-issues are trending in claims and litigation circles. Get “Linked in” with your E-legal team for a real-time discussion of everything “e-legal” -- from social media, pretext, and surveillance to legal pitfalls to the part you play in litigation. We’ll connect F2F (face to face) on those issues that come up IRL (in real life). #FTW (for the win).


Writing for Denials & Rescissions - Segura 3-4 (Speaker: Kim Mitchell)
Completing a denial or rescission is one of the most challenging components of claims handling. The language we use reflects on our brand. The details we include strenghten our position in court. With so much riding on our denial letters, our team requires training, expertise, and coaching to get it right. Let’s review some principles of plain language, some approaches to training, and some examples to take our writing to the next level.

SESSION 6: TUESDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2016 — 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM


Annuity Claims Roundtable - Del Lago 1 -2 (Speaker: Sherry Smith)
Join us for a lively discussion of all things annuity claims! Bring your burning questions for a chance to discuss with industry peers as we review trends and hot topics related to annuity claims.


Waiver of Premium Roundtable - Palazzo A (Speakers: Chuck Storm, Don Trexler)
A roundtable discussion regarding the world of waiver of premium claims adjudication. This wide ranging topic will discuss matters relevant to managing this challenging block. Whether you are working in a small claims environment or juggling these claims in a multi-faceted operation, you’ll have the opportunity to ask your claims colleagues about their best practices regarding waiver of premium claims. Open to all claims professionals (i.e. individual v. group, stand-alone or managed with other products, life v. disability) interested in enhancing their overall knowledge, while at the same time helping to bring a brighter spotlight to this important topic.


[ full ] Complex Claims Roundtable - Cordova 5-6 (Speakers: Sophia Horsman, Ernest Smith)
Claims complexity stimulates our brains by challenging us to deal with multifaceted situations. Complex claims are demanding of time and energy, requiring utilization of our best insights and skills. By participating in this exciting discussion of complex claims, you will not only be sharing your thoughts on complex claim evaluations, but also obtaining beneficial information from our knowledgeable claim panel and fellow claim professionals who attend this session. Please join us for an insightful and fascinating discussion.


Death Investigation Roundtable - Segura 3-4 (Speaker: Jennifer Cramer, Dori Farrey, Chris Kanehl, Brad Taylor)
This session provides a general overview of how "cause of death" is looked at by insurers as well as government agencies charged with investigating these deaths.  Factors such as state legislation, company policy and local government practices are further explored to highlight the guiding forces that are sometimes behind these determinations.  Utilizing real life case samples, attendees will be asked to weigh in on how they might determine a correct cause of death. We will address common question such as manner of death vs. cause of death, the difference in information on a death certificate from a physician vs. Medical Examiner, and anatomy of a death certificate.  We will share suggestions on how to obtain information that is difficult to secure, what question to ask a Medical Examiner's office during an investigation, and common discrepancies seen on death certificates that create stumbling blocks during claim investigations.  Finally, we will discuss fraud indicators that are commonly seeing during these claims.  


Recruiting & Managing a Multigenerational Claims Staff Roundtable - Del Lago 3-4 (Speaker: Alex Stultz)
With three generations in the workplace, it can become challenging to apply a “one size fits all” management and operational strategy to a Claims Department. In this roundtable, we will discuss the strengths and needs of each working generation and apply that knowledge to formulate best practices in recruiting, staff development and the succession planning of your claims department


Preparing a Case for Litigation - Marbella 4 (Speakers: Tammy Denbo, Daniel Martinez)
Discussion regarding best practices, organization strategies, claims handling and documentation to ensure a successful litigation or prosecution

SESSION 7: TUESDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2016 — 2:45 PM - 4:15 PM


[ full ] Advanced Claims Roundtable - Palazzo B (Session 1) (Speakers: Judy LeTendre, Mark Trigg)
This interactive session will provide a forum to exchange questions, ideas and suggestions with other life claim professionals. Led by members of the Life & Annuity Committee who will solicit your discussion points in advance of the conference, this session is always popular among attendees. Note that Session 1, Session 2, and 3 will be held at the same time and you should choose to attend only one.


[ full ] Advanced Claims Roundtable - Palazzo C (Session 2) (Speakers: Ann Binzer, Kim Houston)
This interactive session will provide a forum to exchange questions, ideas and suggestions with other life claim professionals. Led by members of the Life & Annuity Committee who will solicit your discussion points in advance of the conference, this session is always popular among attendees. Note that Session 1, Session 2, and 3 will be held at the same time and you should choose to attend only one.


[ full ] Reinsurance Discussion Group Roundtable - Del Lago 1-2 (Speakers: Pamela Evans, Mary Beaufait, Monica Clink)
Reinsurers have unique challenges in the industry. Ever wonder if you're the only one to encounter a certain scenario? Ever wonder how other reinsurers handle a specific practice? Have something to share with other insurers? This is the roundtable for you! Questions/scenarios can be submitted beforehand (or bring them with you) to ensure a worthwhile roundtable with valuable takeaways.


[ full ] Data Analytics and Predictive Modeling in Disability Claims - Del Lago 3-4 (Speaker: Evan Scarponi)
With the continued rise of information technology and data science, disability insurance carriers are assessing ways to securely leverage their claims data for purposes of analysis and predictive modeling. Whether through strategic partnerships with external vendors, internal model development, or a combination of both, companies are continuing to evaluate and pursue utilization of these cutting edge tools. This workshop is designed to be a conversation regarding the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities associated with using data analytics and predictive modeling as part of your overall claim management strategy.


Health Claims — What Would You Do? - Marbella 3 (Speaker: Kim Mitchell)
Claims can be an exciting place to work. Just when we feel we've seen it all we uncover new scenarios and circumstances that make us pause. Have you ever hired a foreign investigator on a health claim? Have your worked with authorities? Have you had posthumous claims that pose a real challenge? Let's work through some odd cases to determine where your adjudication would lead, and see the result of some bizarre health claim scenarios.


[ full ] CANCELLED: International Compliance (Speaker: Ray Schnell)
This session is no longer available. We regret the inconvience.


Innovation and Claims: Process Automation and Fraud Security Segura 3-4 (Speaker: Brian Cox)
· How to cut turnaround time while improving the claims process through data access technology.   · Understanding the power of Data, Security and the Cloud in relation to claims and fraud prevention. · Case studies of some of the top 10 U.S. life insurers that are using process automation to gain faster, cheaper, more accurate access to their customer data.


[ full ] Advanced Claims Roundtable - Palazzo A (Session 3) (Speakers: Bill Dolk, Kevin Glasgow)
This interactive session will provide a forum to exchange questions, ideas and suggestions with other life claim professionals. Led by members of the Life & Annuity Committee who will solicit your discussion points in advance of the conference, this session is always popular among attendees. Note that Session 1, Session 2, and 3 will be held at the same time and you should choose to attend only one.