ICA: 108th Annual Conference

108th Annual ICA Education Conference Presentations and Attendee List

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Attendee List (As of September 12, 2017)

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Conference Attendee List

Conference Calendar

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1.1   Time for Leadership
1.2   What you need to know about Trust Claims
1.3   Social Security Past, Present and Future
1.4   Perspectives from the Legal Team and the Life Claims Area on Handling Today’s Life Claim Issues
1.5   Greatest Hits Roundtable: What we've learned from the ICA and how it can help you
1.6   Investigation methods, personal injuries
1.7   The Claim-Right Zone
1.8   Cause of Death Accidental Death/Suicide - Part 1
1.9   Surviving "Attacks" to the Attorney-Client Privilege -- An Update for Corporate Counsel and Claims
2.1   Cause of Death Accidental Death/Suicide - Part 2
2.2   Benefits Fraud Schemes, Scams and Solutions
2.3   The Unfair Claims Settlement Practice Act – Traps, Pitfalls, and You. Handout 1, 2, 3, 4 CANCELLED
2.4   New York Circular Letter No. 1--Its Impact and Recommendations For Compliance
2.5   Reinsurance and the Tech Revolution
2.6   Lost and Found: Administering Lost Policy Searches and State SSDMF Requirements to Find Your Beneficiaries
2.7   Mock Disputed Disability Claim Mediation
2.8   The New Era of Claims – which includes genetic testing, opioid addiction, global warming – other things that affect claims.- She wants to include DI, LTC , CI and Life and she wants it to be a combined workshop with DI/Life and I will be the moderator.
3.2   Exploring the Reinsurer and Cedent Relationship
3.3   Annuity and Taxation Roundtable
3.4   It's Written All Over Your Face -The Phone Interview vs. Field Interview (2017 edition)
3.5   Leveraging Available Technology to Enhance the Claim Experience of Today & Tomorrow
3.6   ERISA Update
3.7   Get Back on Track When IDI Claims are "Derailed" and "Delayed"
3.8   The Business of Medicine.
3.9   Mindfulness @Work
4.1   Conquering the Out of the Ordinary Claim Investigation
4.2   50 Shades of Grey
4.3   A View From The Courtroom: What Happens When Claim-Related Decisions End Up In Litigation?
4.4   Providing Exceptional Service To Grief Impacted Customers
4.5   Obama Care, Where It Is and Where It Might Be
4.6   Selecting the Correct Cause and Manner of Death
4.7   Suicide Claims: Investigation, Experts, Burden of Proof, and Risk Management
5.1   Depositions Techniques and Training - Part 1
5.2   Contestable claims: Tips to insure your review is complete
5.3   “It Can Make You or Break You-Why the Claim Administration System is the Lifeblood of an Organization.”
5.4   Establishing and Communicating the Value of Fraud Fighting Efforts: Reporting your Unit's Worth up the Chain.
5.5   So you have a Predictive Model, now what?
5.6   Six Years to Six Seconds - The Value of Artificial Intelligence for Insurance Claims
5.7   Working The Angles… Using Creative Investigative Techniques To Get The Truth
6.1   Depositions Techniques and Training - Part 2 Handout 1, 2
6.2   Life Claims Panel: Come Talk To The Professionals
6.3   The Staff Factor: How to Leverage Trends in the Workplace to Improve Team Performance
6.4   Subrogation, Recovery, and Self-Funded Disability Claim Administration Roundtable CANCELLED
6.5   FRA_D ANALYTICS U Have to be Invested
6.6   Unlocking the Mystery of STD to LTD claims
6.7   Dealing with "that" claimant (and the attorney they rode in on)
6.8   Blockchain and Insurance - - Will the Industry Restructure?
6.9   Advanced Claims Roundtable (Session 1)
6.10   Traveling in the Express Lane – Risks and Benefits
7.1   Waiver of Premium Roundtable Handout 1, 2
7.2   Advanced Claims Roundtable (Session 2)
7.3   The highs and lows of client service and how to take your delivery to the next level
7.4   Accelerated Benefit Riders and Fraud
7.5   The Truth About "Any Occupation" Evaluations
7.6   Connecting the Dots: Measuring in a Claim Environment
7.7   Foreign Investigations
7.8   Batten Down the Hatches….It’s Time for Another Life Claims Audit!