Webinar: Partnering People with AI to Transform Claims Handling

August 9, 2022
2 PM – 3 PM ET

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Automation and auto-adjudication often come to mind when discussing artificial intelligence in claims organizations. But that’s the last decade’s thinking. Instead, advancements in machine learning in just the last five years have created an entirely new class of software that seamlessly partners AI and human experts, with the system being able to read and understand tens of thousands of intricate claims and offer clear, transparent guidance on where and when to act – and why. The result is examiners and adjusters being able to make dramatic impacts on claimant satisfaction and carrier bottom lines – while focusing their expertise on the most complex claims.

In this virtual event, our panel of experts from Principal Financial and Sun Life will discuss:

  • How teams are cultivating claims talent and how individual adjusters are improving skills more effectively by pairing with technology
  • Proactive strategies for managing claims data and how claim teams are overcoming the growing data challenge
  • A shift in the role of adjusters by empowering them to spend more time with claimants while software analyzes data and manages workflows
  • A virtual claims roundtable that is available on every claim thanks to technology

Whether it’s triage, prioritizing claims in real time as new data hits the system, reducing claims cycle times and losses, or aligning adjuster and examiner actions with carrier resolution goals – the results are immediate, measurable and scalable across organizations.

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