Law Enforcement Inquiries

The International Claim Association has long been a supporter of law enforcement efforts. Our Association offers to the law enforcement community an exclusive service whereby any law enforcement officer can request a canvass of our member companies to determine if there is a life insurance policy on a particular individual. These searches have in the past provided useful information in determining if a life insurance policy may be the motive for the death or disappearance of an individual.

Additionally, this service can be used to determine if your victims of elder abuse have health coverage or long term care coverage.

The guidelines we have established are that the law enforcement officer must have an active criminal investigation regarding the person(s) named. In an effort to keep this process streamlined, we have one designated person within our organization that is responsible for coordinating the canvass of the member companies.

To initiate your search email, with the subject matter listed as "Life Insurance Policy Search". The information required to conduct the canvass follows:

Full name of the Victim
Date of Birth
Social Security number
Last known address
Date of death/disappearance/criminal event

Full contact information for the investigator to include agency case number for the investigation.

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