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Jumpstart Your Claims Career


We all know that knowledge is power, but did you realize that knowledge is also increased profits, better service and all around better business? We’ve always been big believers in the power of continued education that is provided in easy-to-use and easy-to-implement formats, so you can get back to work and apply what you’ve learned right away for real results. All of our classes are discounted for ICA members.

      Check out ICA Tool Kit for the New Claims Professionals

Essential Information for New Employees in the Claims Industry

Claims 101 Tool Kit


 Take Control of Your Own Future 

Comply with state regulations for anti-fraud training and meet company mandates while enhancing the success of your fraud program.
Keep your company and staff current and trained on all state mandated anti-fraud training regulations.
Additionally, a course on California Fair Claims Training is available to all ICA members through NATG.

NATG State Anti-Fraud Training

Customize Your Courses

No matter what your focus, you’ll always benefit from further education, as the insurance claims administration landscape is constantly changing. We offer everything from basic courses to more advanced deep dives, covering topics that are relevant and important to your clients.

eLearning Courses

These four courses are designed for core competencies in the claims industry, from ICA medical overviews to the principles of management.

eLearning Courses

The ALHC Program

These courses were engineered to give you a thorough understanding of the claims business. They lay the groundwork for the more in-depth FLHC courses.

ALHC Courses

The FLHC Program

Master everything from customer service, to regulatory issues, to tax strategies and more, with these higher-level courses.

FLHC Courses