ICA Claims Education Program: Associate, Life and Health Claims Designation (ALHC)

We offer several exclusive and comprehensive claims education programs, designed to give you a thorough understanding of life and health insurance claims administration. And if you’d like to reach a new level in your career by investing in your continuing education, the FLHC program will take you even deeper and further than the ALHC program. These classes are all discounted for our members. 

There are six ALHC courses in the ICA Claims Education Program:

  • Two Introductory/Prerequisite Courses 
  • Four ICA Courses

The ICA recommends that students complete the Introductory Courses before enrolling for the additional ICA Courses. However, students may enroll for examinations in the Introductory or ICA Course segments in any order.

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ICA ALHC Introductory/Prerequisites Courses:

These classes provide a basic working knowledge of life and health insurance, as well as the operations of life and health insurance companies.To satisfy the introductory course segment requirements, students may complete specified courses offered by:

LOMA (FLMI Program)

Introductory Courses:
  • LOMA 280 – Principles of Insurance


  • LOMA 281 – Meeting Customer Needs with Insurance and Annuities


  • LOMA 290 – Insurance Company Operations


  • LOMA 291 – Improving the Bottom Line: Insurance Company Operations

America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP)

Introductory Courses:
  • AHIP Part A – Fundamentals of Health Insurance, Part A (Basics of Health Insurance)


  • AHIP Part B – Fundamentals of Health Insurance, Part B (Basics of Company Operations)

The Health Insurance Association of America (HIAA)

Introductory Courses:

In 1998, AHIP (formerly the HIAA) removed several courses which the ICA had previously accepted as satisfying the introductory course requirements. These courses were:

  1. Individual Health Insurance (Part A)
  2. Individual Health Insurance (Part B)


  1. Group Life and Health Insurance (Part A)
  2. Group Life and Health Insurance (Part B)

Students who have completed either pair of these courses can use them to satisfy the ICA’s introductory course requirements by providing proof of completion to ICA.

American College (CLU)*

Introductory Courses:
  • HS 323 – Individual Life Insurance (If taken before September 30, 1997)


  • HS 324 – Insurance Environment and Operations (If taken before December 31, 1986)


  • HS 325 – Group Benefits

Four ICA Course Segments

  • C1 Medical Aspects of Claims
  • C2 Life and Health Insurance Law
  • C3 Claim Administration
  • C4 Management of Claim Operations

It is the student’s responsibility to forward proof of completion for all non-ICA exams to ICA Headquarters. Acceptable proofs of completion include a copy of your transcripts or grade reports. These reports can be sent to education@claim.org.