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ICA eLearning Courses were designed to help claims professionals continue their quest of excellence through education. Members also enjoy a deep discount. These classes focus on the medical aspects of claims, life and health insurance law, claims administration and the principles of management. Taught by experts in the field, they are easily accessible through your device and will set you and your business up for success.

C1 – ICA Course Fees: $325 Members, $550 Non-Members. 

C2, C3, C4 – ICA Course Fees: $275 Members, $500 Non-Members. 

Course C1: Medical Aspects of Claims

Hone your knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human body, as well as disorders and treatments of the various body systems, so you’ll have a greater handle on the medical aspects of claims.


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Course C2: Life and Health Insurance Law

Gain a strong understanding of the insurance policy as a legal contract. You’ll cover aspects of statutory law, case law and common law as they pertain to life and health insurance claim administration.


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Course C3: Claim Administration

Master the administration of claims under life and health insurance contracts (both individual and group), including investigation and cost control techniques for a more efficiently run system.


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Course C4: Management 11 – Principles of Management

This course provides an excellent opportunity to build upon management skills and techniques to succeed in the claims industry.


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How to Purchase ICA eLearning Courses C1, C2, C3:

There are two ways to purchase an ICA course:


Note that ALHC and FLHC applicants must provide their course scores and completion dates to the ICA headquarters. After completing a course, please send a copy of your coursework transcript/grade reports to education@claim.org for processing.

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