Law Enforcement Inquiries

Law Enforcement Inquiry Service

The International Claim Association is a longtime supporter of law enforcement efforts. To this end, we provide an exclusive service for law enforcement officers to request a canvass of our member companies to determine if there is a life insurance policy on a particular individual. 

These LEI searches have revealed useful information in determining if a life insurance policy might have been the motive for the death or disappearance of an individual. This service also helps discover if elder abuse victims have health coverage or long-term care coverage.

We maintain one point of contact to streamline this process, and we require that the law enforcement officer be pursuing an active criminal investigation regarding the named person(s).

Please be advised that if there is a match to any insured or beneficiary in your inquiry, the fraud/SIU specialist will reach out directly to the contact indicated in the completed form.

Results are communicated on a voluntary basis and may take some time to complete.

To initiate your search, fill the LEI form.

Full contact information for the investigator to include agency case number for the investigation.

To see complete list of ICA member companies, please click here.